miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2007

What is your political affiliation?

En slashdot.org un sitio de computines, geeks y personas adictas a cierto tipo de noticias tostadas se está corriendo una encuesta sobre afiliaciones política.

De momento los liberales y los libertarios van a la cabeza, aquí el primer comentario de la encuesta.

Welcome to "people discussing politics on the internet". The most vocal ones are also the most crazy ones, who want everyone to believe that whoever the most credible threat to their own chosen candidate is a horrible monster who eats babies and will personally destroy the world.
As an anarchist, I am aware that that's true of all politicians, so does it really matter which one you get?
Scary thing about Hillary though, is that according to John Titor [johntitor.com], she's going to use Nukes on internal US targets, and this is the election he predicted would be won by "the first female US president". Of course, he also said that by the end of next year, the US would be in a state of open civil war.

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